User Guidelines

When using your TurfDog land windsurf board:

Always wear appropriate clothing. Never use the board beyond your own capability and always check the board before every use.


Choosing the correct location is essential for the performance of this board to be enjoyed.  Your location needs to be open to the wind, this means that any areas enclosed by trees or buildings are unsuitable. The ground needs to be flat and the suitable terrain is grass or hard sand.

Choosing the right size of sail to use, is dependant on both the wind strength and the terrain. The stronger the wind the smaller the sail required. The smoother the surface the smaller the sail required.

Sail range: 3.0 – 6.5 meters


After using your Turfdog board, in coastal locations (salty) wash the board with freshwater before storage.

Your TurfDog land windsurf board must be stored in a dry environment and for long-term storage it should be kept out of direct sunlight.

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