Learning to Upwind 360 with a TurfDog


This Upwind 360 is a great move to learn when getting into freestyle, it can be done at full speed or at a gradual pace, the skill and technique is exactly the same as on the water.

Upwind 360 technique

Bring the sail back and the body forward, whilst carving on the heels to turn the board into the wind. Once the board is dead upwind, bring the sail forward and allow it to backwind. As the board turns keep the sail out in front of you and allow the board to continue turning around the 360. At this point the wind hits the new side of the sail and pulls the rider and board around the last 90 degrees of the move.

You're now back on the same tack as you started and can start thinking about what move to do next!


Top Tip - at the end of the Upwind 360, just before the wind hits the new side of the sail, anticipate the change in pull from the rig by bringing your weight back and the sail more upright.




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