Learning to Tack with a TurfDog


For the tack the deck plate needs to be in the furthest back position, this gives room and stability when stepping round the front of the board, and makes the rider tack with the same technique as on the water.


performing a tack on a TurfDog land windsurf board


Lean the sail back with your body weight forward and carve upwind trying to go as much into the wind as possible. Once the board is facing dead into the wind move around the mast foot, then pull the rig forward and drive down your front foot to complete the tack. Sail away in your new direction.


Top Tip - as you step round the front of the board, keep your feet up close to the mast foot. This is required when tacking on the water (especially on small boards, to stop the nose sinking) and is required on the TurfDog to stop the board tipping forward.


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