Learning to Heli-tack with a TurfDog


Like with the tack, it is best to have the deck plate at the furthest back position. The heli-tack, or in full the helicopter tack, is a great move for improving rig control and leads the way for many more manoeuvres.


heli tack technique


Turn up into the wind and when the board is facing dead into the wind bring the sail forward and allow it to become back winded.

Allow the back winded sail to push the board around until the board is across the wind on the new tack. Get comfortable before flipping the rig, take the new side of the boom and off you go on your new tack.


Top Tip - During the heli tack keep the rig away from you whilst its back winded, but just before flipping bring the rig more upright and quickly move your feet to the other side of the board as the rig rotates. You will therefore be ready to resist the rigs weight and momentum at the end of the rig flip, and the heli tack will be easy and comfortable.


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