Technical Details


TurfDog land windsurf board are designed and engineered to the highest standard. The boards have been developed extensively to perform just like a windsurf board on the water. This is achieved by the boards directional stablilty being controlled by not only the riders heel and toe pressure (carving) but also by the sail position, mast foot pressure and riders weight distribution. Getting this right not only enables the sensation of windsurfing to be enjoyed in light winds but also for the skill of all levels of windsurfing to be learnt on land.

Benefits of learning skills and manoeuvres on land

Less wind required - no longer having to go long periods with no windsurfing

Can step off on back on quickly and easily - no wasting time waterstarting or uphauling
The board doesn’t sink  - moves can be learnt at slow speeds
No water required

- train for windsurfing in your own back yard!

All in all TurfDog boards mean that when the days come with the wind blowing you can be on the water with new skills and capability, rather than spending the first half of the session getting back to where you were last time you windsurfed.

Windsurfing just got a whole lot better….

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