Pulley Lubricant - For all Windsurfers

After using this on our own sails for many years, we have now made pulley lubricant available for all...

By lubricating your extension pulleys you can drastically reduce the amount of force required to downhaul your sails, meaning faster and easier rigging. For many, pulley lubricant has enabled them to fully downhaul the sail just holding the rope... no loops, easy-rigs, harness bars etc. The other great advantage of using our pulley lubricant is the reduced wear on the rope, making the rope last infinitely longer.

This lubricant is what's known as a 'dry' lubricant or also known to some as wax lubricant, oil based lubricants get on the downhaul rope and break it down so are not suitable for windsurfing, where as this wax lubricant has no adverse effects on the rope. The lubricant leaves a PTFE residue on the pulleys, this is not washed off by salt water, even in the harsh windsurfing environment. This means that once you have applied it onto your extension/hook or sail pulley block it stays there for windsurf after windsurf. Our extensive testing has showed that the lubricant does not need re-application for approximately 20 - 30 windsurf sessions.


TurfDog pulley lubricant is an organic based PTFE lubricant, it has no adverse effects on the rope, repels dirt or sand and protects against corrosion.

Apply between moving parts on your extension and pulley hook/inbuilt tack pulley. The lubricant minimizes friction which enables downhaul tension to be reach with ease.

easy downhauling


1 bottle (50ml)


Apply between the pulley rollers, the accurate nozzle allows easy and quick application. The liquid soaks down under the rollers. Re-apply every couple of months.

applying to the downhaul pulleys

Note - you should be applying the lubricant between the side of the rollers. The lubricant spreads under the rollers and allows them to roll with no friction, you are not trying to add lubricant to the outside of the rollers, the lubricant is to allow the rollers to spin without friction.

Now be careful not to OVER downhaul your sails!

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