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''As well as being great fun for me for freestyle, it's got the right feeling and sensation present for getting someone planing , using the harness and the footstraps. As well as that. I was really impressed with it's adaptability and versatility in carving maneuvers and it will be fantastic as a coaching tool for those lighter winds days for those advanced sailors stuck in a rut with their gybes and tacks. I look forward to releasing it on my clients!'' Jim Collis


"I'm always looking for ways to get the technique message across on clinics - especially when the wind is down. One of the best trainers for freestyle, carving and wave stuff has to be the TurfDog. A windsurfer on wheels is nothing new but the free floating front wheels of the TD means you can do all the new school stuff aswell, Vulcans etc. It can work at very slow speeds AND on grass. I've always got one with me now." Peter Hart


"I got my Turfdog at Xmas & just wanted to let you know what a great invention I think it is. My modified downhill mountain board is now pretty much redundant. As a windsurfer with fairly old kit and not a lot of opportunity to get to the water, my progression had begun to stagnate. The turfdog has really helped me progress my windsurfing by learning freestyle tricks and perfecting gybes in the park near my house. The awesome feeling of upwind 360s, vulcans & spocks on the turfdog has reignited my enthusiasm and opened up a whole world of potential tricks to be learned. Thanks" Cullum Glynn


"I bought a turfdog a few months ago. Im stoked with it, I was just at a level where I could make the occasional gybe and only on one tack, after a couple of sessions on the turfdog Im consistantly making them so cheers,what a fantastic product." Kev Hoskin


"Awesome session on the beach yesterday thanks to my new TurfDog. Really impressed with the upwind 360s, can't wait to try it out on the common. City life just got much better!"  Nick Boulton


"The TurfDog is a great fun whatever you're level. It allows  you to learn new skills faster by being able to slow them right down. I'll be using it to enhance my freestyle wave and slalom skills for the 2007 season, talking of that i'm off down the park now, Ciao!"  Scott, Rat Rigs


"My windsurfing has improved massively since I’ve been using my TurfDog board; practising on land is the way forward getting the muscle memory dialled. Many thanks, Rob "  Rob Nunan


Test Reports


''As well as new shiny graphics, the new models feature a new deck construction; the decks are compression molded and the result is a lighter and stiffer deck than before. Another significant change that all the SWA members noticed while testing them, is the swivel wheel setup on the Freemove model. The swivel angle has been increased and the width between the front wheels has been reduced. This has improved the straight line control and really helps the board's carving performance. All in all making it feel even more like you are cruising across the water on windsurf kit!''

Student Windsurfers Association, March 2008


"We shall make no secret of it, the editorial office were so pleased by the Turfdogs, that they actually bought both models. The TurfDog reacts and behaves like a windsurf board. It is perfect for training and for days where there is not enough wind to go on the water."

"The unique front wheels give the opportunity to practice various manoeuvres, which previously could only be done on the water." - Denmark, April 2007


''The turfdogs are sold primarily as training tools aimed at any windsurfer looking to improve, from relative beginners learning to beachstart to experts wanting to nail spocks.''

''Where they come into there own is in very slow speed tricks such as spocks and flakas. You can actually do these moves from an almost standing start, and the board does very accurately mimic how a proper board would slide through these moves on the water. And because you can do it at slow speed, it gives you the time to work out what to do next.
It's not just aimed at experts, the freeride model can be tacked and used as a trainer for beachstarts and the like as well.''

Boards Magazine -  August 2006

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